Who Can Access?

QSim can be accessed by Quantum computing researchers, students and enthusiasts. To gain access, send an email to us .

Get Access to QSim

QSim is a first initiative by Government of India to address the common challenge of advancing the Quantum Computing research in India. The platform is available for access to researchers, faculties and students who wants to explore Quantum Computing. To get access to QSim, send an email to qcworkbench [at] cdac [dot] in.

Mail us with the following details.

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Access QSim with ePramaan

Login to QSim using ePramaan. A Single Sign-On platform authenticates citizens easily and securely.

Link to epramaanhttps://epramaan.gov.in/


QSim is based on the Qiskit Framework and Aakash (dm_simulator). The users of QSim is expected to have basic knowledge in Python programming, Qiskit and density matrix formalism. Refer to our knowledge base to know more about the prerequisities.