Qiskit Textbook

The Qiskit Textbook is a free digital open source textbook that will teach the concepts of quantum computing while you learn to use Qiskit. Click here to read the complete Textbook.

Coding with Qiskit

This video series starts at learning how to install Qiskit locally, understanding what gates to do quantum states and explores quantum algorithms and the latest research topics.

Learn about Qiskit Aakash

Qiskit Aakash is a density matrix based software simulator developed by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. The links provided in this page aims to explain how to use the new simulator ('dm_simulator') that has been added to existing qiskit backends. Those...

Quantum Simulator

QSim provide a platform for researchers to explore quantum computers that are difficult to obtain. IISc has developed a realistic quantum computer simulator named dm-sim (based on Density Matrix Formalism). It simulates the behavior/execution of quantum circuits on...

Quantum Computer

Computers that perform computations using quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement, are known as quantum computers. Building a quantum computer is very challenging and expensive, as it requires highly sensitive components and highly controlled...